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We stock a huge amount of American Made plastic material, to find the material you are looking for, click here for our American Made Plastic List or use the drop down from the top menu bar.

We work hard to provide all the answers to all your questions, but if you happen to have a question and you can’t find the answer, please let us know. We want to help.

In our product line, we have a vast selection of materials, from ABS sheet and rod and Acetal to PTFE and Zelux, and dozens of materials in between. All standard produced shapes, including: Plastic Rod, Plastic Sheet, Strip, Block, Plate and Film. All are available in most industrial and commercial plastic materials.

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Should you not find the specific plastic sheet or rod item you are looking for, or the size or color of an item you are looking for, please send us an E-mail through blue button >>

We stock a complete line of American Made Plastic materials:

  • Plastic Sheet
  • Plastic Rod
  • Plastic Tube
  • Plastic Strip

  • Plastic Panels
  • Plastic Slab
  • Plastic Blocks
  • Plastic Film

We proudly source all of our material from American Manufacturers.

We import . . . nothing!

Some of our sources have parent companies in Western Europe, and produce the very large cross sections there, but we still only purchase from the American division. Please let us know if you have a specific item and we can verify where it was produced.

Our plastic sheets, slabs and blocks are available many plastic materials in a huge thickness range.

Our plastic rods available in different plastic materials in a huge range of diameters. Please contact us with your special requirement.

We have specialized in supplying plastic sheet and rod since 1975. One or our major challenges over the last several years is finding and keeping American Manufacturers of these plastics. Many of the large, quality suppliers have been purchased by European companies, or have simply closed their doors.

We do still purchase our goods only from American Suppliers, and most of the materials (over 94%) are actually manufactured here in the United States. We will continue to source our materials from American Manufacturers, because we believe that ‘American Made’, still means something.

Please, ALWAYS consider buying American Made Plastic Sheet and Rod


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